When First They Appear…

Posted: August 22, 2012 in General Info
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Dear Reader,

This blog is a site for a new superhero story. It can’t officially be called a “Comic Book” or a “Graphic Novel” since I am a writer by nature and not a visual artist.  However, it is my aim to include found images from online and original sources both altered and not as required to help tell the story.

My intent is to share with you the world of the Ivancic Superheros as they battle the forces of evil and strive for a positive influence in the world.

All of the main characters in the world of the Ivancic Superheroes are based on real people I have met.  I draw from them the essence of these characters often in their raw form or from a time I knew them previously.  For the purposes of the story, however, they truly have become characters as they do not accurately represent their muses more than 25-50% of the time.

My goal in working with characters related to real people is two-fold: A) writers take inspiration from what they know and B) even though their powers are fictional, the potential these characters face with who they become and what they battle are very real.  Superheroes do exist – perhaps not like the ones in the movies (iconic and otherwise – re: Batman & Kick Ass) but there is something innate in the heroes and villans of our world that strike a chord in all of us.  This is why I feel it is important for my muses to be of the flesh and not purely of “ink”.

Although the main heroes (Atomizer & Vapour) are unlikely ones at that, as they learn more about their new powers they strive to use them for good and not evil in a world growing more corrupt every day.

I hope you enjoy The Adventures of the Ivancic Superheros.

May Truth and Justice Guide Your Heart,
The Inventor

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